Mullingar Man – Niall Breslin – Bressie

Niall Breslin

Niall Breslin also known as Bressie was born in Dublin but relocated to Mullingar as a child. Bressie aged 37 has a background as a musician, a sportsman, a producer and a writer. He has a large social media presence. His twitter account having over 250k followers while his Instagram has over 100k.

Niall Breslin – Music

Bressie’s music career started off in 2004 when he formed a band with his childhood friends. The band known as the Blizzards released their first single “First Girl to Leave Town” in 2005. They then went on to have two top 10 singles before releasing their first album “A Public Display of Affection” in 2006. In 2009 the band put their music career on hold. They returned in 2016 with their single “Drop Down the Anchor”.

Niall Breslin – Rugby

As well as his music Bressie had a love of sport and captained the Leinster U-19s while attending college at UCD. He was offered a contract with Leinster at the U-19s world cup. Only a few days after returning from a U21 world cup Bressie due to over training and lack of rest suffered a massive hernia. After this Bressie suffered injury after injury. Finally after a serious injury to his eye he decided to retire from the sport altogether.

Niall Breslin – Solo

In 2010 Bressie joined XIX Entertainment as a song writer and producer. During this time, he worked on his solo career releasing his first album in “Colourblind Stereo in 2011. Bressie worked as a judge for the popular show The Voice of Ireland and he was the mentor for the winner of the show Pat Byrne.

Niall Breslin – Mental Health

Perhaps some of his most noteworthy work to date is his work for mental health awareness in Ireland.  Bressie after suffering with mental health issues himself from a young age co-founded the charity “A Lust for Life” in 2015. This charity is aimed at creating awareness around the importance of mental health. In 2015 Bressie published his book “Me and My Mate Jeffrey” which won an award for popular non-fiction book of the year at the Irish Book Awards. If you would like to read more on Bressie’s work with mental health I have included a link below to his website.


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Irish man Conor McGregor – The Notorious

Irish man Conor McGregor – The Notorious

One of the most influential person in the area MMA over the last few years is Conor McGregor nicknamed The Notorious. He was training to becoConor McGregorme a plumber before pursuing his career in MMA. Conor aged 29 was born in Dublin and has a huge social media fanbase. As of October 2017, his Twitter page has over 6.5M followers, while his Instagram has some 20.7M followers.

In his youth Conor competed in boxing and won an Irish Amateur Championship. Conor made his first appearance in UFC in April 2013 after having trained in Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing as well as many other contact sports. He was the first Irish person to register a win with the UFC after winning the fight in just 67 seconds.

Conor became more noticed after he knocked out Diego Brandao on UFC Fight Night Dublin in July 2014. McGregor won 13 fights in succession from 2011 to 2015. His fight against Mendes in 2015 saw over 3000 fans head to Las Vegas for the fight. He won this fight in the second round with a knock out.

In 2017 McGregor faced Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match in Las Vegas. Clearly one of the most anticipated of the year especially for the Irish fans. It sold 6.7 million pay per views breaking the PPV record. Unfortunately Conor was defeated in the 10th round with technical knockout. To date Conor has 18 wins by knockout and 1 by submission. He has won 17 of his last 18 fights with 13 first round finishes.

Conor McGregor – The Notorious

November 1st 2017 will see the release of his movie which tells the story of his rise to victory. His movie will be screened in 250 cinemas across Ireland and the UK with an exclusive live interview from Conor himself. If you would like to follow Conor on social media, I have included links to his account below.

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Jenni Murphy-Fitness

Jenni Murphy


Jenni Murphy is a 34-year-old bodybuilder and fitness instructor from Dublin. She always had a love of exercise and used it as way of relieving stress from the demands of her busy work life. Jenni left her job of eight years as an advertising executive to pursue her career as a personal trainer. She returned to college and got her certification to become a personal trainer. Jenni then took up a new career working at Fit Studios in Dublin as a TRX instructor.

Although Jenni only started body building in the last few years, she came in 3rd place at the WFF Universe 2016. Jenni also won 1st place for best performance and best bikini at this same competition. On top of this Jenni has competed and won titles nationally under the NABBA.

This young lady has a very honest approach when it comes to talking about her body building experiences. She openly talks about the tough routine required for competing and the mental challenges she has faced in doing so. Jenni gives an insight into the world of bodybuilding and the type of prep required to compete professionally.

Jenni on Social Media

On her website Jenni shares her love of fitness, nutrition and health. She encourages readers to lead a healthy lifestyle by clean eating and keeping fit. Her blog posts are full of recipe ideas and tips and tricks on clean eating. Jenni has over 19k followers on Instagram where she regularly post images and videos of her work outs. Her Facebook page Absoglutely which has over 15k followers is full of healthy eating inspiration as well as workout videos. I have links to Jenni’s social media accounts below for those who wish to follower her.

Joanne Larby-The Makeup Fairy

First up on this list of social media influencers is the lovely Joanne Larby. Joanne is a 29 year old beauty influencer from Dublin. Her official brand is The Makeup Fairy which was launched in 2012. She has gained a huge fan base over the years. This lady has gained followers across all the social media platforms with her Instagram account having over 122k followers. Her Snap chat is full of beauty tips, food inspiration, fitness motivation and more.

As one of Ireland’s top bloggers, Joanne has lots of inspiration on different beauty products and gives an honest opinion on  the products she tries. Joanne also creates travel blogs based on her own experiences. Furthermore she posts stunning pictures of her trips away.

Joanne published her first book Fairy Tales in November 2015, in which she talks about family life and her career. Her book is aimed at encouraging women to follow their dreams. It focuses on body confidence, healthy choices and tackling anxiety. Fairy Tales has sold over 23,000 copies. As well as publishing a book Joanne also has her own beauty brand. This brand is called Enchant which includes Fairy Wands and Pixie Pout.

This Irish beauty has  worked as a makeup artist, stylist, model in addition to running her own blog and YouTube channel. Her blog originally started as a makeup blog. It soon expanded to include health, beauty, style, fashion and travel. Joanne’s open, honest  and encouraging approach has therefore won her thousands of fans. Joanne has won awards for ‘Best beauty Blog’, ‘Best Company Beauty Blog’ as well as an award for ‘Best Social Media’.

Move to London:

In May of this year Joanne moved to London to pursue and expand her career. She has signed with BMA as a model and influencer. Joanne’s boyfriend Paul who also lives in London, features regularly on her Snap Chat with inspiration on fitness and healthy choices. Joanne’s latest posts see her struggling with body confidence issues. However she continues to write and talk openly about these.  Hence I have no doubt Joanne will bounce back from these in no time. I have included a link below to Joanne’s website and also links to her social media accounts  for those her wish to follow her.