Rozanna Purcell

Rozanna Purcell
Rozanna Purcell (Image by Independant)


Rozanna Purcell is a 27-year-old Irish model who has become popular for her nutrition and fitness blogs. Rozanna has appeared on numerous TV cook shows and is the author of two best selling cookbooks.

Rozanna Purcell – Cookbooks

It all started in 2013 when she started a blog as a way of sharing of passion for wholefood and healthy eating. This led to the inspiration for her first cookbook “Natural Born Feeder” which was released in 2016. In 2017 Rozanna released her second book “Half Hour Hero” which is based around healthy wholefood recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

Her belief when it comes to eating healthy is that no food should be completely cut out and that by following the 80\20 rule you can achieve a balanced diet. She is also a believes that planning and meal prep is the main key to success. Rozanna has also appeared on TV shows such as the Restaurant and Come Dine with Me, which she won in 2012.
Although Rozanna herself is a fitness fanatic she believes that small changes make a big difference. Her advise is that even something a small as taking the stairs more often or going for short walks can help you to make a healthier lifestyle.

Rozanna Purcell – Social Media

Rozanna maintains a large social media following with her Instagram account having over 220k followers. Her Facebook page has over 38k followers while her Twitter account has 73k followers. Rozanna also regularly posts videos with tips, advice and healthy recipes on her YouTube channel where she has over 10k subscribers. Her website “Natural Born Feeder” is also jam packed with recipes and tips on preparing healthy wholefoods. If you would like to read more about Rozanna I have included links to her website and social media accounts below.

Natural Born Feeder

Rozanna’s Instagram

Facebook Account

Influencer Controversy

Social Media Icon
(Image by RTE)

Social Media Influencers

Over the past few months there has been a lot of backlash surrounding social media influencers in Ireland. Between issues with advertising, photo-shopping and claims of bullying.

Controversy Around Advertising

Over the last year the social media influencer has come to the front-line over the way they handle advertising. Social media influencers who are paid to promote products are required to disclose this as a marketing post.

One of the first complaints the ASAI “Advertising Standards Authority Ireland” was in June 2017 and since then the number of complaints has rising by about 5%.

This complaint was in relating to a detox drink featured on a social media influencer’s SnapChat. The complaint was made to the ASAI from a member of the public claiming the content had not been identified as sponsored.

This complaint was not upheld or rejected by the ASAI. However, the complaint was published, and the brand was advised that it is their responsibility to insure correct advertising around their products.

According to the ASAI this form of advertising is no different than any other form of advertising and must follow the same guidelines. The guidelines were updated last year and now include areas focused on bloggers and social media marketing.

Controversy Around Photo-shopping

One of the reasons for complaints around the influencer using highly edited pictures ties into the advertising. It is claimed that if pictures are over edited then it can lead to misleading information.

For example, if an influencer was promoting a makeup brand but their pictures are edited to remove all flaws, then the consumer is deceived into thinking the effects come from the product alone.

Another reason for the backlash when it comes to over edited pictures is how misleading it can be for young followers. As some of the images are so heavily edited they portray an image of perfection. It is claimed that this can have a negative effect on young followers and lead to body confidence issues.

Social Media Influencer – Bullying

There has been a lot of forums set up online discussing the above topics and calling out specific social media influencers. Some of these forms target certain influencers and can get out of hand very quickly. Over the last few months Irish influencers have come together to claim this as a form of online bullying.

It is claimed that some of the content targeted towards them relates to their private lives and is a form of bullying. Together these Irish influencers have vowed to do more to prevent this type of bullying. I think in the next few months we will read a lot more about these issues.

Nicola Carolan – The Naked Blondie

Nicola Carolan
Nicola Carolan (Image by Evoke)

Business Woman and Blogger Nicola Carolan 

Nicola Carolan’s story and success in business is one of inspiration and determination. 31-year-old Nicola from County Kildare is better known as “The Naked Blondie”. She runs her own food company “The Naked Meat Company” and it all started with her weight loss journey.


Nicola’s Business – The Naked Meat Company

Nicola always had a passion for food and cooking programs, but it was during her weight lose journey that Nicola came up with the idea for her business. While sharing her recipes online Nicola regularly got comments from followers wishing they could just buy the food premade.  Nicola decided she was going to make this into her full-time job and began creating healthy meals that were sold and the business grew from there.

Nicola now runs the very successful Naked Meat Company which has even had to relocate to a bigger premise in the last year. The company sells a range of extra lean meat products as well as prepacked healthy meals and high protein foods. It also has a range of healthy desserts and plenty of choice for healthy kid’s menus.


Nicola Carolan
Nicola Before Weight Loss (Image by Glenisk)


Nicola’s Story

In 2013 after giving birth to her son Nicola weighted 22 stone. She decided she needed to do something to lose weight and joined the slimming group Slimming World. Not only did Nicola decide she needed to lose weight but she decided to do it publicly. She started blogging her way through her weight lose journey.

Nicola captured the ups and downs of her journey in a very open and honest way. She posted pictures of herself right throughout even when she was at her heaviest. To date Nicola has amazingly lost almost 11 stone and has managed to build a career for herself along the way.


Nicola on Social Media

Nicola’s social media platform has grown over the years she has over 51k Facebook followers as well as over 59k on Instagram. She uses SnapChat daily and shares her daily routine and recipes with her followers. Nicola’s bubbly personality is clearly visible to anyone following her SnapChat stories but more importantly is her openness and honesty within her Snaps. If you would like to read more of Nicola’s journey I have included links to her blog and social media accounts below.

The Naked Blondie Website

Link to Nicola’s Instagram

The Naked Meat Company Website

Link to Nicola’s Facebook

Irish Boxer Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor (Image by The Journal)

Katie Taylor
32-year-old Katie Taylor is an Irish professional boxer from county Wicklow. Katie has helped to raise the profile of women’s boxing over the last few years especially in Ireland. She also played professionally in women’s football for the Irish women’s team. This Irish athlete has a large social media following which has just grown from year to year.

Katie’s Boxing Career
Her career in boxing began at a young age where she was coached by her dad Peter Taylor who was also a professional boxer. Katie’s first official fight was at the age of 15 where she won against Belfast boxer Allana Audley. Her first Gold Medal was obtained in 2005 at the European Amateur Championships in Norway.

Over the next number of years Katie went on to win numerous titles in Amateur Boxing. In 2012 Katie represented Ireland in the Olympic Games in London. She won the Gold Medal and became the first Olympic female lightweight champion.
Katie turned to professional boxing in 2016 and in 2017 she won her first professional world title. She has won all eight of her professional fights to date, four by knockouts and four by decision. Her next fight is set to be in New York on 28th April where she will face Argentines Victoria Bustos.

Katie’s Football Career

Katie played women’s football throughout her school days and at the age of 14 represented the under-17s Republic of Ireland women’s football team. In 2003 Katie scored four goals for the under-19s Republic of Ireland where she was just 15 years old. She went on to play in tournaments such as UEFA Women’s Championship and FIFA Women’s World Cup. Her final international appearance was at a qualifier for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup which was held in 2009.

Katie’s Social Media Following

Katie has grown quite a large social media following over the years. Her Instagram account has over 100k followers while her Facebook has an impressive 150k followers. She also has over 135k followers on Twitter. Katie has her own website where fans can keep up to date with all her fight details and shop for KT Apparel. I have included links to all of Katie’s social media platforms below for those who wish to read more.

Katie’s Website
Link to Katie’s Instagram
Link to Katie’s Facebook

Aimee Connolly

Aimee Connolly
Aimee Connolly (Image by Evoke)

Aimee Connolly

One woman who has been successful in business is Dubliner Aimee Connolly. Aimee is one of Irelands top freelance makeup artists. Since completing a degree in Commerce and French almost three years ago, Aimee has built her career in makeup and beauty. She runs a beauty influenced online blog and has recently opened an academy teaching makeup classes.

Aimee’s Online Influence

Aimee has built her online presence over the last few years with just over 44k followers on her Instagram account. She also has over 46k Facebook followers, over 630 YouTube followers as well as a large SnapChat fan base. Her YouTube and SnapChat platforms are full of makeup tips\tutorials as well as other beauty and fashion related content. Aimee’s blog is full of makeup tutorials, product reviews and of course some fashion and travel content also.

Aimee’s Career

It started in transition year where Aimee did work experience with the makeup brand Benefit. She later went on to work with brands such as Urban Decay and Mac. While attending college Aimee started doing some Freelance work. After completing her degree, she focused completely on the beauty side of things building up the career she has today.  Aimee writes a weekly beauty column for the Sunday World and regularly features on TV3 Xpose.

Sculpted by Aimee

Sculpted by Aimee is a makeup brand created by Aimee which consists of various highlighter palettes as well as some makeup brushes. The products range in price from €12.95 for a highlighter set to €55 for her brush set. Aimee completed a Teacher Training Qualification with the London Makeup School. She recently opened the Sculpted Academy in Dublin where she runs a range of makeup classes. Prices for these courses start at around €100 for a general course to around €1650 for a qualification course. If you wish to find more information on any of these I have included links below to Aimee’s website.


Link to Aimee’s Website

Aimee’s Instagram


Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan (Image by

Lisa Jordan Beauty and Fashion Blogger

Lisa Jordan is a full-time beauty and fashion blogger from Cork. She has recently stared her own beauty range “Luna” which include hair, and makeup products. Lisa trained with the popular makeup brand Mac and has years of experience in the industry. She recently was part of a new series aired on RTE “Salon Confidential” which was based in a Dublin salon. Like most beauty influencers Lisa has had numerous workshops around the country, where she does makeup demos.

Lisa’s Online Influence

Lisa started blogging about four years ago as a way of sharing of love of makeup and fashion. In her first week of blogging she gained over 10k followers on Facebook alone. Lisa has since gained a large social media following with her Instagram account having over 114k followers. She also has over 80k followers on Facebook and an adoring fanbase on Snapchat. Her Snapchat really shows off her personality as a bubbly and extremely funny lady. She also regularly shares adoring snaps her little girl “Pearl” who is just 15 months old.

Luna by Lisa Jordan

Lisa’s website “” is full of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and pregnancy blogs. Her fashion and beauty sections both have links to all the products discussed on her website. Lisa is popular for her sense of fashion and works as a fashion and image consultant. She also has an online store “lunabylisa” where her products can be purchased, or you can view a list of her stockists. Her newest product is a set of four lip glosses for €30 which has been a huge hit with her fans. She also has a duo liquid eye shadow pack which retails around €25. Currently she is working on two more makeup products due to be released soon. To follow her on any of her social media platforms I have included links below.


Lisa’s Instagram

Lisa’s Facebook

Luna Website

Influencers High Mark-Ups

Jennifer and Ciara
Jennifer(Left) Ciara(Right) (Image by Evoke)

Jennifer Wrynn and Ciara O’Doherty Charging Extreme Mark-Ups

Two ladies that have had a lot of media attention recently is Jennifer Wrynn and Ciara O’Doherty. The Irish Mail on Sunday published an article claiming that both Jennifer and Ciara had been selling products at an extremely inflated price.  It was claimed that accessories sold at Jennifer’s store in Dublin and on Ciara’s online store were the same products available from online discount Ali Express. Jennifer responded saying that she does source the accessories sold in her store from Asia. Both women have defended the mark-ups referring to the different expenses incurred in running a business.

Some of the prices charged for these items were up to eighteen times higher than that available from Ali Express. Considering that double or three times the amount is normal for mark-ups how can these extreme mark-ups be justified to business costs. Are consumers aware of these types of mark-ups or is this a price their willing to pay for convenience. As these extreme mark-ups are not illegal it poses a question as to how many other cases like this that we the consumers are unaware of.

All businesses deserve the right to charge extra to cover costs incurred in running a business. But these mark-ups I think go above and beyond that, they do not protect the consumers and cannot be good for the reputation of the business. These women have been unfortunate to have been publicly called out on their mark-ups, but I am sure they not the only businesses that have done so. Maybe we need better protection for the consumers to prevent this from happening or at least to make the consumers aware of it.

Jennifer Wrynne

Jennifer is a hat designer who runs her own ladies boutique in the Powerscourt Centre in Dublin. She has a following of over 33k on Instagram and over 100k followers on Facebook. She also runs her own blog where she blogs about her travels, work and fashion.

Jennifer’s Instagram


Ciara O’Doherty

Ciara is a Fashion Stylist and Lifestyle blogger who runs her own online boutique selling hair pieces. She has a following of over 38k on Instagram and over 12k followers on Facebook. She also runs a YouTube Channel where she Vlogs on fashion, travel and career tips.

Ciara’s Instagram

Tara O’Farrell

Tara O'Farrell
Tara O’Farrell (Image by Cloud10Beauty)

 Tara’s Background

Tara O’Farrell is one of Irelands top makeup artists. Tara aged 31 from Dublin has a degree in marketing. She is highly popular among brides for her talent with wedding makeup and has done makeup for celebrities such as Kim Cattrall. She has also worked as model with various different Model Agency and as appeared numerous times on TV3’s Xpose and Ireland AM. This lady regularly does makeup demos at the Pippa O’Connor workshops as well as running her own master classes all over Ireland.

Tara’s Online Following

This lady has an impressive online following having over 105k followers on Instagram alone. Her Facebook page boosts over 68,000 followers and she has accumulated a large Snap Chat fan base over the years. Tara runs her own blog “” where she covers all areas of beauty, fashion and makeup. She also blogs on travel, lifestyle and home.

Snap Chat and Instagram stories is where Tara shares most with her fans. She uses these platforms daily to share fashion tips, beauty demos and chats about general day to day topics. Tara has recently announced that her and husband Daniel are expecting their first baby. So, I am sure we can expect some of her future blogs\snaps to include pregnancy and baby related topics. If you are interested in following Tara I have some link to her Instagram and Facebook accounts below. Also, for those of you who would like to check out her Snap Chat you can find her @tara_makeup. If you enjoyed this blog post please check out some of my other blogs on social media influencers.

Tara on Instagram
Tara on Facebook

Rosie Connolly Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Rosie Connolly
Rosie Connolly (Image by VIP)

Rosie Connolly

One lady making it as a beauty and fashion influencer is the lovely Rosie Connolly. Rosie 27 is a Irish lifestyle blogger and is loved among her followers for her openness and honesty when blogging. She has over 70k followers on Facebook and 11k on Twitter while her Instagram has an impressive 158k followers.

Rosie is a fully qualified makeup artist and works freelance as well as with some of the top brands. Some of the brands Rosie has worked with include Benefit, Urban Decay, Stila and many more.

Rosie also has a Diploma in both Fashion Buying/Merchandising and Event Management. She worked as a stylist with Oasis as well as working as a personal shopper at Arnotts. She regularly features on TV3’s Xpose and travels the country hosting masterclasses on fashion, beauty and social media.

Rosie Connolly – SnapChat

Rosie regularly posts on SnapChat and has a bubbly personality in her Snaps. Her little boy Harry features in many of her Snaps and has a lovely cheeky personality like most boys his age. Rosie Snaps about fashion and beauty as well as content about looking after your mental health. She has been praised recently for sharing Snaps of her skin without makeup showing her acne. I personally think it is nice to see influencers sharing things like this especially since their audience are mainly young girls.

Rosie Connolly – Lifestyle Blogger

Rosie runs her own lifestyle blog where she posts content relating to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. The fashion section of her blog has lots of content on style tips and her favourite looks as well as discount codes and links to certain items or looks. In her beauty section she has content on her favourite products, hair tips and details about her masterclasses. In her lifestyle section Rosie blogs about anything from photo editing to parenting to travel. I have included links to Rosie’s account below for anyone that wishes to know more.


Rosie’s Lifestyle Blog

Rosie on Instagram

Rosie’s Facebook


Pippa O’Connor – POCObyPippa

Pippa O'Connor
Pippa O’Connor (Image form Facebook)

Pippa O’Connor

One name I am sure we are all familiar with is Pippa O’Connor. Pippa aged 32 has her own clothes line named POCObyPippa. Her social media following has grown massively over the last number of years. Pippa has over 250k followers on Instagram and Facebook and over 75k on Twitter. Her SnapChat followers get an insight into her everyday life as a lifestyle blogger and business woman. Pippa’s snaps have a variety of content from snaps of glam events to makeup and beauty products as well as general everyday life.

Pippa O’Connor – POCObyPippa

POCObyPippa is a denim range of clothing which has become really popular since its launch in 2016. The denim range is largely retailed online but Pippa hosts a series of pop-up shops around the country also. The latest edition to the POCO range is a denim jacket which was released in November of this year. She has also released are range of scented candles and planners to add to her collection just in time for Christmas.

Pippa O’Connor – Business

Pippa runs her own lifestyle blog where she posted articles on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The website now in its 4th year started as a hobby for Pippa as a way of sharing of love of fashion and beauty.
This soon led to Pippa starting her fashion factories. The factories which run across the country have become extremely popular selling out in each event. They include makeup demos, fashion show, hair and skincare as well as providing lunch and goodie bags.
Pippa recently won Young Business Woman of the year at the Image Awards. In April of this year she won the Look of the Year at the VIP Style Awards. Pippa was also short listed for the Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards in for her book Pippa. If you would like to know about Pippa please check out the links to her social media accounts below.


Pippa on Instagram

Pippa’s Facebook

POCObyPippa Website