Grace Mongey – FacesbyGrace

Grace Mongey
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Grace Mongey – FacesbyGrace

Another popular lady in this beauty and fashion section is 29-year-old Grace Mongey from Dublin. Grace uses the name FacesbyGrace for her social media accounts and website. Grace has grown in popularity in the last few years. She has a following of 113k on Instagram, 14k on Twitter and over 73k on Facebook.

FacesbyGrace – Snapchat

Grace’s Snapchat is filled with a variety of content. She regularly snaps make-up tips and product reviews as well as demos on different make-up looks. She also shows snaps of her gym work-outs and food prep ideas. Her little girl Sienna regularly features in Grace’s snaps and Grace often reviews baby products she herself has used. Grace also talks openly on her snaps about her struggle with anxiety and depression and ways in which she copes with them.

FacesbyGrace – Website

Grace’s website is full of content on fashion, beauty, parenting and lifestyle. She posts product reviews and images of her favourite fashion choices. She also has links to all her social media accounts including her YouTube channel.

FacesbyGrace – YouTube Channel

Grace runs her own YouTube channel “FacesbyGrace” which has over 14k subscribers. She has tons of videos on different makeup tutorials. Her videos also include holiday vlogs, hair tutorials as well as pregnancy related videos.

FacesbyGrace – Instagram and Facebook

As mentioned previously Grace has over 113k followers on Instagram and over 73k on Facebook. Both her Instagram and Facebook accounts are full of ideas on all the latest fashion trends. She also uses these accounts to post pictures of her little girl Sienna and family trips away. Grace will usually incorporate links to where you can buy some of the fashion items from her pictures. She also posts some beauty product reviews and sometimes gives out discount codes for the products been reviewed. At the bottom of this page I have included links to all of Grace’s social media accounts.

FacesbyGrace Website

Instagram Account

Facebook Page



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