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Jennifer and Ciara
Jennifer(Left) Ciara(Right) (Image by Evoke)

Jennifer Wrynn and Ciara O’Doherty Charging Extreme Mark-Ups

Two ladies that have had a lot of media attention recently is Jennifer Wrynn and Ciara O’Doherty. The Irish Mail on Sunday published an article claiming that both Jennifer and Ciara had been selling products at an extremely inflated price.  It was claimed that accessories sold at Jennifer’s store in Dublin and on Ciara’s online store were the same products available from online discount Ali Express. Jennifer responded saying that she does source the accessories sold in her store from Asia. Both women have defended the mark-ups referring to the different expenses incurred in running a business.

Some of the prices charged for these items were up to eighteen times higher than that available from Ali Express. Considering that double or three times the amount is normal for mark-ups how can these extreme mark-ups be justified to business costs. Are consumers aware of these types of mark-ups or is this a price their willing to pay for convenience. As these extreme mark-ups are not illegal it poses a question as to how many other cases like this that we the consumers are unaware of.

All businesses deserve the right to charge extra to cover costs incurred in running a business. But these mark-ups I think go above and beyond that, they do not protect the consumers and cannot be good for the reputation of the business. These women have been unfortunate to have been publicly called out on their mark-ups, but I am sure they not the only businesses that have done so. Maybe we need better protection for the consumers to prevent this from happening or at least to make the consumers aware of it.

Jennifer Wrynne

Jennifer is a hat designer who runs her own ladies boutique in the Powerscourt Centre in Dublin. She has a following of over 33k on Instagram and over 100k followers on Facebook. She also runs her own blog where she blogs about her travels, work and fashion.

Jennifer’s Instagram


Ciara O’Doherty

Ciara is a Fashion Stylist and Lifestyle blogger who runs her own online boutique selling hair pieces. She has a following of over 38k on Instagram and over 12k followers on Facebook. She also runs a YouTube Channel where she Vlogs on fashion, travel and career tips.

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