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Jenni Murphy


Jenni Murphy is a 34-year-old bodybuilder and fitness instructor from Dublin. She always had a love of exercise and used it as way of relieving stress from the demands of her busy work life. Jenni left her job of eight years as an advertising executive to pursue her career as a personal trainer. She returned to college and got her certification to become a personal trainer. Jenni then took up a new career working at Fit Studios in Dublin as a TRX instructor.

Although Jenni only started body building in the last few years, she came in 3rd place at the WFF Universe 2016. Jenni also won 1st place for best performance and best bikini at this same competition. On top of this Jenni has competed and won titles nationally under the NABBA.

This young lady has a very honest approach when it comes to talking about her body building experiences. She openly talks about the tough routine required for competing and the mental challenges she has faced in doing so. Jenni gives an insight into the world of bodybuilding and the type of prep required to compete professionally.

Jenni on Social Media

On her website Jenni shares her love of fitness, nutrition and health. She encourages readers to lead a healthy lifestyle by clean eating and keeping fit. Her blog posts are full of recipe ideas and tips and tricks on clean eating. Jenni has over 19k followers on Instagram where she regularly post images and videos of her work outs. Her Facebook page Absoglutely which has over 15k followers is full of healthy eating inspiration as well as workout videos. I have links to Jenni’s social media accounts below for those who wish to follower her.

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