Irish Boxer Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor (Image by The Journal)

Katie Taylor
32-year-old Katie Taylor is an Irish professional boxer from county Wicklow. Katie has helped to raise the profile of women’s boxing over the last few years especially in Ireland. She also played professionally in women’s football for the Irish women’s team. This Irish athlete has a large social media following which has just grown from year to year.

Katie’s Boxing Career
Her career in boxing began at a young age where she was coached by her dad Peter Taylor who was also a professional boxer. Katie’s first official fight was at the age of 15 where she won against Belfast boxer Allana Audley. Her first Gold Medal was obtained in 2005 at the European Amateur Championships in Norway.

Over the next number of years Katie went on to win numerous titles in Amateur Boxing. In 2012 Katie represented Ireland in the Olympic Games in London. She won the Gold Medal and became the first Olympic female lightweight champion.
Katie turned to professional boxing in 2016 and in 2017 she won her first professional world title. She has won all eight of her professional fights to date, four by knockouts and four by decision. Her next fight is set to be in New York on 28th April where she will face Argentines Victoria Bustos.

Katie’s Football Career

Katie played women’s football throughout her school days and at the age of 14 represented the under-17s Republic of Ireland women’s football team. In 2003 Katie scored four goals for the under-19s Republic of Ireland where she was just 15 years old. She went on to play in tournaments such as UEFA Women’s Championship and FIFA Women’s World Cup. Her final international appearance was at a qualifier for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup which was held in 2009.

Katie’s Social Media Following

Katie has grown quite a large social media following over the years. Her Instagram account has over 100k followers while her Facebook has an impressive 150k followers. She also has over 135k followers on Twitter. Katie has her own website where fans can keep up to date with all her fight details and shop for KT Apparel. I have included links to all of Katie’s social media platforms below for those who wish to read more.

Katie’s Website
Link to Katie’s Instagram
Link to Katie’s Facebook

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