Nicola Carolan – The Naked Blondie

Nicola Carolan
Nicola Carolan (Image by Evoke)

Business Woman and Blogger Nicola Carolan 

Nicola Carolan’s story and success in business is one of inspiration and determination. 31-year-old Nicola from County Kildare is better known as “The Naked Blondie”. She runs her own food company “The Naked Meat Company” and it all started with her weight loss journey.


Nicola’s Business – The Naked Meat Company

Nicola always had a passion for food and cooking programs, but it was during her weight lose journey that Nicola came up with the idea for her business. While sharing her recipes online Nicola regularly got comments from followers wishing they could just buy the food premade.  Nicola decided she was going to make this into her full-time job and began creating healthy meals that were sold and the business grew from there.

Nicola now runs the very successful Naked Meat Company which has even had to relocate to a bigger premise in the last year. The company sells a range of extra lean meat products as well as prepacked healthy meals and high protein foods. It also has a range of healthy desserts and plenty of choice for healthy kid’s menus.


Nicola Carolan
Nicola Before Weight Loss (Image by Glenisk)


Nicola’s Story

In 2013 after giving birth to her son Nicola weighted 22 stone. She decided she needed to do something to lose weight and joined the slimming group Slimming World. Not only did Nicola decide she needed to lose weight but she decided to do it publicly. She started blogging her way through her weight lose journey.

Nicola captured the ups and downs of her journey in a very open and honest way. She posted pictures of herself right throughout even when she was at her heaviest. To date Nicola has amazingly lost almost 11 stone and has managed to build a career for herself along the way.


Nicola on Social Media

Nicola’s social media platform has grown over the years she has over 51k Facebook followers as well as over 59k on Instagram. She uses SnapChat daily and shares her daily routine and recipes with her followers. Nicola’s bubbly personality is clearly visible to anyone following her SnapChat stories but more importantly is her openness and honesty within her Snaps. If you would like to read more of Nicola’s journey I have included links to her blog and social media accounts below.

The Naked Blondie Website

Link to Nicola’s Instagram

The Naked Meat Company Website

Link to Nicola’s Facebook

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