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Rosie Connolly
Rosie Connolly (Image by VIP)

Rosie Connolly

One lady making it as a beauty and fashion influencer is the lovely Rosie Connolly. Rosie 27 is a Irish lifestyle blogger and is loved among her followers for her openness and honesty when blogging. She has over 70k followers on Facebook and 11k on Twitter while her Instagram has an impressive 158k followers.

Rosie is a fully qualified makeup artist and works freelance as well as with some of the top brands. Some of the brands Rosie has worked with include Benefit, Urban Decay, Stila and many more.

Rosie also has a Diploma in both Fashion Buying/Merchandising and Event Management. She worked as a stylist with Oasis as well as working as a personal shopper at Arnotts. She regularly features on TV3’s Xpose and travels the country hosting masterclasses on fashion, beauty and social media.

Rosie Connolly – SnapChat

Rosie regularly posts on SnapChat and has a bubbly personality in her Snaps. Her little boy Harry features in many of her Snaps and has a lovely cheeky personality like most boys his age. Rosie Snaps about fashion and beauty as well as content about looking after your mental health. She has been praised recently for sharing Snaps of her skin without makeup showing her acne. I personally think it is nice to see influencers sharing things like this especially since their audience are mainly young girls.

Rosie Connolly – Lifestyle Blogger

Rosie runs her own lifestyle blog where she posts content relating to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. The fashion section of her blog has lots of content on style tips and her favourite looks as well as discount codes and links to certain items or looks. In her beauty section she has content on her favourite products, hair tips and details about her masterclasses. In her lifestyle section Rosie blogs about anything from photo editing to parenting to travel. I have included links to Rosie’s account below for anyone that wishes to know more.


Rosie’s Lifestyle Blog

Rosie on Instagram

Rosie’s Facebook


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