Rozanna Purcell

Rozanna Purcell
Rozanna Purcell (Image by Independant)


Rozanna Purcell is a 27-year-old Irish model who has become popular for her nutrition and fitness blogs. Rozanna has appeared on numerous TV cook shows and is the author of two best selling cookbooks.

Rozanna Purcell – Cookbooks

It all started in 2013 when she started a blog as a way of sharing of passion for wholefood and healthy eating. This led to the inspiration for her first cookbook “Natural Born Feeder” which was released in 2016. In 2017 Rozanna released her second book “Half Hour Hero” which is based around healthy wholefood recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

Her belief when it comes to eating healthy is that no food should be completely cut out and that by following the 80\20 rule you can achieve a balanced diet. She is also a believes that planning and meal prep is the main key to success. Rozanna has also appeared on TV shows such as the Restaurant and Come Dine with Me, which she won in 2012.
Although Rozanna herself is a fitness fanatic she believes that small changes make a big difference. Her advise is that even something a small as taking the stairs more often or going for short walks can help you to make a healthier lifestyle.

Rozanna Purcell – Social Media

Rozanna maintains a large social media following with her Instagram account having over 220k followers. Her Facebook page has over 38k followers while her Twitter account has 73k followers. Rozanna also regularly posts videos with tips, advice and healthy recipes on her YouTube channel where she has over 10k subscribers. Her website “Natural Born Feeder” is also jam packed with recipes and tips on preparing healthy wholefoods. If you would like to read more about Rozanna I have included links to her website and social media accounts below.

Natural Born Feeder

Rozanna’s Instagram

Facebook Account

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