About Me

Hi, my name is Marie and I am a mature student. I am currently in my 3rd year of a Business Computing course. This website is part of a project for SEO and Web Usability on the above course. I have chosen Irish social media influencers as the topic on which to build my website. Social media influencers are massively popular at the moment. I have chosen just a small selection of Irish influencers in which I will write about on this site.

My Website

The whole area of social media influence has exploded over the last number of years. Many brands and businesses are now using social influencers to promote their brand or business. So, what exactly is a social media influencer? In basic terms it is simply someone who has a large social media network that they can use to promote other brands or businesses.

A lot of social media influencers didn’t start out with the intension of becoming an influencer. Generally, a social media influencer has a specific area of interest and have the skills to match these interests. Social media influencers are hugely popular in the beauty and fashion industries but are starting to rise in other areas such as sport and fitness.

Brands and businesses see the opportunity for promoting their product and business through social media influencers. This is because social media influencers tend to have a large fan base and trust between the influencer and their followers has already been established. A fan will usually trust the brand the influencer is promoting and this is how the brand or business gain marketing for their product.

I hope you enjoy reading about the influencers I have chosen. If you would like to know more about any of the influencers I write about you will find links to their websites or social media accounts at the bottom of each blog post.