Joanne Larby-The Makeup Fairy

First up on this list of social media influencers is the lovely Joanne Larby. Joanne is a 29 year old beauty influencer from Dublin. Her official brand is The Makeup Fairy which was launched in 2012. She has gained a huge fan base over the years. This lady has gained followers across all the social media platforms with her Instagram account having over 122k followers. Her Snap chat is full of beauty tips, food inspiration, fitness motivation and more.

As one of Ireland’s top bloggers, Joanne has lots of inspiration on different beauty products and gives an honest opinion on  the products she tries. Joanne also creates travel blogs based on her own experiences. Furthermore she posts stunning pictures of her trips away.

Joanne published her first book Fairy Tales in November 2015, in which she talks about family life and her career. Her book is aimed at encouraging women to follow their dreams. It focuses on body confidence, healthy choices and tackling anxiety. Fairy Tales has sold over 23,000 copies. As well as publishing a book Joanne also has her own beauty brand. This brand is called Enchant which includes Fairy Wands and Pixie Pout.

This Irish beauty has  worked as a makeup artist, stylist, model in addition to running her own blog and YouTube channel. Her blog originally started as a makeup blog. It soon expanded to include health, beauty, style, fashion and travel. Joanne’s open, honest  and encouraging approach has therefore won her thousands of fans. Joanne has won awards for ‘Best beauty Blog’, ‘Best Company Beauty Blog’ as well as an award for ‘Best Social Media’.

Move to London:

In May of this year Joanne moved to London to pursue and expand her career. She has signed with BMA as a model and influencer. Joanne’s boyfriend Paul who also lives in London, features regularly on her Snap Chat with inspiration on fitness and healthy choices. Joanne’s latest posts see her struggling with body confidence issues. However she continues to write and talk openly about these.  Hence I have no doubt Joanne will bounce back from these in no time. I have included a link below to Joanne’s website and also links to her social media accounts  for those her wish to follow her.