Tara O’Farrell

Tara O'Farrell
Tara O’Farrell (Image by Cloud10Beauty)

 Tara’s Background

Tara O’Farrell is one of Irelands top makeup artists. Tara aged 31 from Dublin has a degree in marketing. She is highly popular among brides for her talent with wedding makeup and has done makeup for celebrities such as Kim Cattrall. She has also worked as model with various different Model Agency and as appeared numerous times on TV3’s Xpose and Ireland AM. This lady regularly does makeup demos at the Pippa O’Connor workshops as well as running her own master classes all over Ireland.

Tara’s Online Following

This lady has an impressive online following having over 105k followers on Instagram alone. Her Facebook page boosts over 68,000 followers and she has accumulated a large Snap Chat fan base over the years. Tara runs her own blog “tara-makeup.com” where she covers all areas of beauty, fashion and makeup. She also blogs on travel, lifestyle and home.

Snap Chat and Instagram stories is where Tara shares most with her fans. She uses these platforms daily to share fashion tips, beauty demos and chats about general day to day topics. Tara has recently announced that her and husband Daniel are expecting their first baby. So, I am sure we can expect some of her future blogs\snaps to include pregnancy and baby related topics. If you are interested in following Tara I have some link to her Instagram and Facebook accounts below. Also, for those of you who would like to check out her Snap Chat you can find her @tara_makeup. If you enjoyed this blog post please check out some of my other blogs on social media influencers.

Tara on Instagram
Tara on Facebook

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